Tracy Dickinson
 Sound Drywall Inc. has been with Our Community Credit Union since 04/16/1985. They are in good standing and have always maintained their account in a satisfactory manner. Their business has a highly recommended reputation and respect in Mason County! If any additional details or information is needed please do not hesitate to contact me. Most respectfully yours, Tracy Dickinson, OCCU  
Rob & Dorothy Hagen
 I think we said this once, but I must say that our electrical and plumbing and flooring contractors all commented on how nice the place looks. “Did you do this yourself they ask?” “No Sound Drywall in Shelton did it!” “Wow nice job, tight around the boxes, no broken edges around the floor, no visible defects, good knock down work, very nice!” That makes us feel good of course. Thought we would pass on the compliments. Thanks for the great work 
Steve Samons
 Sound Drywall is one of GTS’s top tier customers. They are a dependable contractor. They always pay their bill on time and they have organized ordering techniques which helps us facilitate orders in a timely manner. They purchase high quality materials to ensure the job is done in the correct fashion. If you have any questions please feel free to contact me. Sincerely, Steve Samons, GTS 
Gretchen Stewart
 Thanks guys – great service, very prompt, super employees, quality workmanship! 
 Thank you again for doing excellent repairs on The Bend. Let us know if you ever want to show off your work to future clients